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CHICAGO, IL,  —For the past several years Chicago rapper, Lionheart, has been hard at work writing, recording and releasing tracks and mixtapes and playing local clubs. With a range of both old school and contemporary hip hop influences, L.H. mixes it all in with his own life experiences growing up on Chicago's south and west sides. He creates hooks, beats and rhymes that appeal to fans of real hip hop.

Lionheart doesn't mind working hard. That's what he does, but he'd like more people to hear the fruit of his labors in the studio. As L.H. continues to write and record and perform around Chicago and the Midwest, he has posted select tracks on-line so rap fans can get a feel for what he's all about. L.H. is currently making these tracks available for free in a bid to increase his fan base. 

Chicago is widely acclaimed for its impressively diverse and well-chronicled hip hop scene. Now a gifted new artist emerges from the Windy City with powerful rhymes and a singular style destined to take the industry by storm. Influenced by Nas’ classic “Stillmatic” album, the lyrical visionary known as L.H. weaves intricate tales of street life and fast times with a commercial sensibility that can be easily consumed by the masses. Having already released two game-changing EPs (“Hennessequa” and “T2B2”) in the midst of opening for industry heavyweights, Cam’ron, Rittz, and Lil Bobby, L.H. is quickly demonstrating he’s a major talent with intense focus and dedication to his craft.

Adding on to L.H.’s vast array of accomplishments, the music maverick has also launched his own record label (Visual Audio) to ensure he’s on top of all business dealings involving his brand. With a sharp eye for detail (as evidenced by the quality of the visuals for his DollarsignDz helmed video, “Ring Ring”), his impressive rhyme flow (which can switch from laid back mode to a rapid fire frenzy in a heartbeat), and a strong sense of how to easily maneuver through various corporate machinations, L.H. may very well prove to be the renaissance man hip hop has been waiting for. Expect more top shelf material from this outstanding artist to drop at any second. L.H. is kicking things into overdrive. Brace yourself for the heat!